Extra Level Support

**Those who do the best and learn to surf the most efficiently get this package** 

Great for locals wanting to maximize their surf abilities!


  • Surf Fitness Routine: Form of PDF file. Exercises for shoulder, triceps, and lats for conditioning to pop up and paddle on the board.
  • Trip to Surf Shop: About an hour or so. No need to buy anything but you will receive advice on what equipment to get and guide you on your surfing journey.
  • Unlimited phone and/or email support: If you go out by yourself, and have a specific issue (ie. you keep nose diving off the board, ect.) We can provide advice on how to correct the issues with a phone call, text, or email. If it is a non -specific issue, we might be able to meet at the beach for 20 mins and see how we can instruct you to maximize your potential.

This support is valid throughout the duration of your lesson package.


Support for 3 Lesson Package: $150.00

Support for 6 Lesson Package: $250.00

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