Meet Jason the Founder

Even though I’ve done literally thousands of surf lessons over the years and built Encinitas Surf Lessons and Surfing for Empowerment from the ground up starting over 8 years ago, I still had a strong inner sense of feeling uneasy and unfulfilled within. I was a bit distraught and insecure around my purpose in life. So for an entire day I reflected and meditated on this for awhile and asked myself a very important question. “If money was not as issue what would I be doing that would serve my soul?” And then it just came to me. It was always right there in front of me! Combine surfing and healing/ personal growth, two of my passions in life. So, I did just that! Through countless hours and years of falling on my face (lol), experimentation, thoughtfulness, and trial and error “Jason’s Surf and therapy” evolved into “Surfing for Empowerment”, my labor of love and ultimate passion in life. In this unique offering over the last 4 years, I’ve helped thousands of people not only surpass their fear of the ocean and waves but also enabled and empowered them to use surfing and the ocean as a catalyst for growth and transformation in all areas of their lives. Nothing has brought me more joy in my life than literally seeing so many people becoming empowered and transformed from the inside out. And when this happens epic new discoveries are made, fear is transcended, and everyone (including all people you interact with) benefit!
Surfing is a journey my friends and I hope you choose to embrace it like I have! I look forward to seeing you thrive. Aloha…