• All sessions are 2.5-3 hours in length and include all equipment.

With this experience you will:

  • Discover your own personal “Flow” state and manifest want you want in your life

  • Get over your fears of the ocean and waves and discover what else is possible for you

  • Have amazing transformative breakthrough experiences while having fun

  • Tap into a deep sense of trust and confidence within yourself

  • Massively elevate your state of mind, spirit and soul

“We use surfing and the ocean as a catalyst for personal transformation and breakthrough in all areas of your life”

Surfing for Empowerment Will Help You:

  • Apply the healing, empowering and transformative lessons of surfing and the ocean to every area of your life

  • Anchor feelings of empowerment to be used daily or when needed using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques along with meditation, breathwork, and visualization

  • Access playful ways of being and be more lighthearted in your life

  • Transcend challenge, surpass fear, learn discernment, embrace trust and acceptance, and much more

  • Be more productive and fulfilled in your business, relationships, community, health, spirituality, etc and share those insights and inspirations with others

Hello, My Name Is Jason Weber…

Transform Your Life Through Surfing!

Surfing is a journey my friends and I hope you choose to embrace it like I have!

I look forward to seeing you thrive.



… I developed this unique surf instruction journey that combines personal development with fun and excitement. Its an amazing unique way to grow and evolve while accessing feelings of empowerment using the ocean and surfing as a catalyst. This Surfing process is a wonderful metaphor for how you live your life. How you do one thing is how you do everything! By using the ocean and surfing as a catalyst for transformation, each session is guaranteed to allow you to deepen into your empowerment, exhilaration, & peace.

Do you have any areas of your life where you hold back or have fear that keep you from evolving into your best self? What if I could prove to you that surfing and the ocean is the perfect avenue for you to attract exactly what you want and need into your life…an experience that is way more powerful than anything you have used in your life for this thus far?

I have extensive proven teaching methods for you to build confidence in the ocean and overcome fear if you have it with the many techniques I have experienced and refined in my personal self development journey over the years. You will then take these techniques with you from the ocean onto land in daily life. I combine your self discovery adventure with fun and excitement while relating surfing as a metaphor to your life and demonstrate how riding waves can inspire, empower, and transform you from the inside out.

“I had so much fun out there! I invite anyone who has resistance or fear of the ocean like I had to simply invite your personal intention and lesson into your life that the ocean can teach and go for it! This was such a huge breakthrough for me and I can wait to do it again!

~ Juliana

“This session was so much more than just about surfing. Jason really demonstrated how surfing relates to life and enabled me to feel that deeply in my body so I can access it and take what I learned into my own life.”

~ Noa

“You can have one time transformational experiences but this was far more than that. This is something that I can take into the rest of my life by applying the visualizations and meditations that were taught. I look forward to seeing how this impact my business.”

~ Dmitry