Jason Weber started this company from the ground up when it was originally called “Jason’s Surf and Therapy” existing primarily as a “craigslist” website which he made himself 8 yrs ago. After serving thousands of individuals in the ocean by simply teaching surfing the right way or serving people deeper with his Surfing for Empowerment offering, things have now progressed to a solid team with the highest quality instructors in San Diego representing Encinitas Surf Lessons and Surfing for Empowerment. Jason could not be more proud of what he has manifested by serving his deeper purpose using surfing and the ocean as a catalyst since birthing this baby 8 yrs ago!


Owen Curry is a local from Encinitas California. Growing up, Owen’s family revolved around surfing as his mother and father grew up on the North Shore of Hawaii. Great with children, Owen understands how to keep everyone entertained especially those who are a bit uncomfortable with the ocean. Also, he is a favorite for those who really want to progress their surfing. There are many unwritten rules in surfing and Owen is the guru to preparing you to understand crowds, conditions, and swells. He know’s each beach and line up like the back of his hand making him a knowledgable choice for those getting introduced to North County.  He is passionate about lessons and has been teaching beginner, novice, and advance surfers for over 10 years.


Keenan Skelton is from Palos Verdes, California. He started surfing at the age of 8 and and in high school was a part of his high school surf team. In the summer he would teach at Palos Verdes surf camp where he then learned to instruct people 1 on 1 and in large groups. From there he joined the surf team in college and has been teaching people ever since.


Daniel Bocater is originally from Kauai, Hawaii and has been surfing since he was 6. Currently besides giving surf lessons he is going to school and working on getting his degree in marketing.

He has taught surfing professionally for about 3 years and loves being an instructor because in his own words…”it is such a special and unique experience when teaching someone who is new to it.” He thrives in making sure that everyone gets the best surfing experience possible and loves helping them reach their goals in the water.


Wes grew up in Encinitas, California. He started surfing when he was ten and has been hooked ever since. When he isn’t surfing, Wes is fishing or diving somewhere in the water. Wes surfed for his middle school and high school surfing teams, his technical ability is tremendous. He now attends college at BYU-Hawaii on the North Shore of Oahu where he is seeking a degree in Marine Biology. He has worked for four years as a lifeguard for the City of Carlsbad, where he taught both public and private swim lessons. He is very passionate about helping others to build relationships with the ocean.


Austin is a North San Diego County native who fell in love with surfing at a young age. His favorite surf spot is Ponto Beach located in Carlsbad. He’s been teaching surf lessons for several years and loves it because he can share the natural high of the ocean with other people. He believes surfing is beneficial to people because it can connect you to nature not to mention it’s a great workout. Austin is excited to attend UC Santa Cruz in the fall to pursue his education in film and digital media. Until then, he’s stoked to share his passion of surfing with you all now.


Adira is from Encinitas, California. She has always felt most at home in the ocean and started surfing seven years ago. She began working as a Surf Instructor several summers ago and is experienced in small group instruction. Adira loves to motivate her students to challenge themselves and strive for improvement. She finds it extremely rewarding to spread the feeling of freedom and connection that she feels while surfing, with others.