Meet Helina

My name is Helina Beck, the new owner of Encinitas Surf Lessons. I had partnered with Jason (previous owner) & Encinitas Surf Lessons on business ventures in the past and so you may recognize my name through our partnerships! In the summer of 2022, Jason was ready to open a new chapter in his life. He offered me the opportunity to purchase Encinitas Surf Lessons which I was honored to accept.

While he still does Surfing for Empowerment Lessons (personalized life coaching while using surfing as a medium), I have taken over the management and full operations of Encinitas Surf Lessons along with my awesome team!

I am excited to continue what Jason started here at Encinitas Surf Lessons. Our mission is to use surfing as a medium to positively change your life and the planet for the better. We will continue to offer private and group lessons with incredible, highly-trained instructors. However, we don’t want to JUST teach people how to surf. Our goal is also to connect people to the ocean as form of growth and healing while inspiring them to protect it. Through lessons, kids’ camps, community surf classes, surf therapy programs and beach clean ups, we’re here to show you that surfing isn’t just a sport or hobby, it’s a lifestyle!

As new owner of Encinitas Surf Lessons, I am stoked to offer everything I can to the company and our customers. I can’t wait to meet you! If you have questions, my team and I would love to hear from you. You can contact us at (760) 456-5036 or

See you at the beach!

Helina Beck

Owner of Encinitas Surf Lessons

Meet HelinaMeet Helina, owner of Encinitas Surf Lessons