Corporate Team Building Through Surfing

Encinitas Surf Lessons is committed to raising the standards for all surf schools across Encinitas and San Diego with a foundation built on professionalism, customer service, and teaching the most efficient surf technique by the highest quality surf coaches and instructors.

In our Corporate Team Building experience we will tailor your surf lesson specifically to you and your goals for your team. Please contact us for more info and to discuss specifically how and why this experience will not only boost company morale, but also get people who work together connected through a unique experience that will last a lifetime.

  • Boost Morale within your company and get those who work together connected in a unique way

  • We have specific techniques that help people get over their fear and feel empowered in the water

  • Get your employees to associate their work purpose with fun, play, and excitement

  • Guaranteed to get each participant standing riding waves!

  • All of our instructors have a combined 45 years of surf instructing experience and are CPR certified and emphasize safety first

  • We maximize potential of this experience based on tide & swell

Call or Text for Quotes: (760) 456-5036