The kids are out of school for the summer and it’s time to head to the beach!

But which beach is best? Parking, bathrooms, overall vibe?

It’s a lot to think about! If you have lil’ guys in tow, you don’t want to accidentally end up at a rocky beach, in the middle of the teenage party scene, or stuck walking a mile to your parking spot.

To help you plan your ultimate summer beach day, we compiled list of our favorite San Diego beaches for kids. Enjoy!

1. Moonlight Beach

Moonlight Beach

Moonlight Beach in Encinitas is the spot to be and is the best San Diego beach for kids. It’s a sandy, flat stretch of shore with scenic cliffs on either side. A large parking lot is situated on the bluff above the beach and has a nice ramp down to the sand for strollers and wagons. The beach is wide, smooth and patrolled by lifeguards all year round. The waves are typically great for boogie boarding and the sand is soft and awesome for playing in!

Additionally, large, clean bathrooms are located just off the sand right next to a snack shack and picnic tables. Your kids will be especially excited about the rad Moonlight Beach Playground on the sand! Between the playground, the waves, the snack shack (and the volleyball courts!) there is something for everyone!

We teach lessons and have summer surf camp at another exceptional beach about a block south of Moonlight. Sign up today!

2. Scripps Beach

Scripps Beach is a great beach for kids

Scripps is the less-crowded neighbor of the popular La Jolla Shores Beach. Not only do you have more room on the sand, you also get epic waves and a beautiful view of the La Jolla coastline. This beach is fantastic for kids because of the wide expanse of flat sand. It’s a great place to both play in the water and learn to surf.

The Pier isn’t open to the public because it’s an extension of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography at UCSD. However, the nearby Birch Aquarium at Scripps is a fun place to bring the kids to see the marine life that lives at their local beaches!

Parking can be found in the neighborhood by the beach entrance. Get there early on a hot summer day to snag a spot.

3. Tyson St. Beach

Tyson Street Beach is great for kids

Tyson Street is in the heart of downtown Oceanside just south of the Pier.

Due to the pier, the waves here are pretty consistent and in the summer they are often small and relaxing – a.k.a. great for learning to surf! This is also a fun spot for boogie boarders. For the kids who don’t love the water, they can play in the spacious sand or on the beachside Tyson St. Playground!

Parking is found in the neighborhood surrounding Tyson St. and in a lot right off the sand.

So head to the coast and soak up some sun before the summer is over!

And be sure to catch a few waves while you’re there! Book a lesson for you, your kids or the whole family! Or if your child wants to develop their surfing skills (or perhaps they just need to get out of the house 🤪) sign them up to spend a week with us! At our summer surf camp in Encintas, your child will have an absolute blast making friends, learning about ocean conservation, and, of course, surfing!